Vision, Values and Objectives

Our Vision, Values and Objectives

We are in business to serve our community. Our Management Committee members volunteer their time to ensure Suffolk TMO continues to be a safe and thriving community. However, we are seeking new committee members, particularly people with skills or experience in financial management and human resources. We listen to our resident’s views and take action to deliver improvements to the estate.

Our Vision

Suffolk TMO is committed to working for the people of Suffolk Estate in order to provide excellent services and improve the quality of life for residents through tenant management and community empowerment.

Our vision is to be living in a better place by:

  • Delivering high-quality housing, estate and community services
  • Delivering sustainable, flexible services that are fit for purpose and offer value for money
  • Empowering residents to make decisions that are crucial
  • Promote the difference between Suffolk TMO and Hackney Council positively
  • Raising resident community expectations through real partnerships with local businesses and community leaders

Our Values

Suffolk TMO has adopted the following values in order to reflect our commitment to providing excellent services and the empowerment of local people.

These values apply equally to our staff, partners and other stakeholders

  • Engender sustainable income streams and demonstrate value for money in all our activities
  • Learn from and share best practice with other TMOs
  • Work as a team with staff and residents, sharing the same vision and goals
  • Work collaboratively with LBH and its agents to achieve our vision

Our Community Objectives

Our TMO has a strong track record of involving the community in all areas of our work. We endeavour to bring the community together and build community cohesion in a friendly environment, to increase understanding between different groups on our Estate and to encourage neighbours to get to know each other.

We will raise resident community expectations through building genuine partnerships with local businesses and community leaders.

We will:

  • Address particularly younger resident’s perceptions of not being included in their local community and business opportunities.
  • Implement clearer communication, address apathy and disseminate important updates and key messages through our website, estate noticeboards, newsletters and the resident handbook.
  • Co-opt new Board members for a more effective mix of skills.
  • Strengthen and reiterate the key aims and objectives of Suffolk TMO.
  • Hold topic-specific focus groups to tackle more detailed issues

Our Governance Objectives

We will empower residents to make decisions that are crucial by:

  • Addressing resident apathy by becoming more visible and promoting our achievements.
  • Consider the best time to hold the AGM – increase the turnout by not restricting it to the working week.
  • Prepare well ahead of time for the ballot to stay as a TMO in two years.
  • Review the rules to make it clear what it takes to be a member. Arrest the risk of lack of contribution from Board members.

Our Organisational Objectives

We will promote the difference between Suffolk TMO and Hackney Council positively by:

  • Ensuring residents are aware of the implications of the TMO reverting to Hackney Council
  • Setting out to residents clearly the difference between TMO & Hackney Council and which services each organisation delivers
  • Review the scope and capacity of the TMO to take on more Management Services from the Council
  • Identify and implement more diverse streams of funding and income generation to deliver high-quality activities to our residents
  • Having achieved the NFTMO KiteMark – a public symbol of good practice in a Tenant Management Organisations committee work, employment practices and accountability to its tenants, we aim to build on this by continuous improvement and growth of the TMO.

Our Service Objectives

We will deliver high-quality housing, estate and community services by:

  • Resolving the damp issues affecting many of our homes
  • Dealing with ASB quickly and effectively
  • Ensuring residents see tangible improvements
  • Negotiating the best deals to ensure value for money on the services we outsource